Hi, my name is Guinevere, welcome to the Baubo website! I am a Belly Dance performer, choreographer, teacher and writer with over 20 years of experience. I am qualified in Original and Advanced A-Z Belly Dance systems and certified in Delivering Learning. I hold a First Class BA Honours Degree in Creative Arts (Physical Theatre, Live Arts, Creative Writing) and wrote The Belly Dancer”s Treasure Pack (2011) – a gorgeous set of 58 beautifully illustrated cards to empower your belly dance journey!

The joy and benefits this dance brings to myself and others has kept me engaged and inspired in this magical art. From originally using belly dance as a way to ease back pain from my nursing work to eventually; engaging in teacher training programmes, travelling to Egypt to learn more and then setting up a Community Interest Company to extend the benefits of belly dance into West Wales; I have also found belly dance to be deeply personally renewing following the birth of my son and in maintaining my own mind, body and spiritual health over the years. There is not one belly dance class that I teach or show that I do or watch that has not on some level been profoundly enriching. I love it and I love sharing belly dance and its creative potential.

I am now evolving The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack (link to Treasure Pack pg) into a series of easy to learn themed dance sequences and am excited to be sharing that with you soon!

After success in festival children’s areas and with my own child to inspire me, I am also now offering belly dance themed children’s parties (add a link to events), where I perform in my magical dance wings, teach some lovely moves and get the children up dancing! Hen parties (link to events) are also still on offer and my weekly classes and event workshops (link to classes ad workshops) Click here to book or for info ( add an email link).

I look forward to dancing with you soon! Guinevere (like a signature…)

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