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Guinevere offers sessions in A-Z Belly Dance for fun or professional development including certification as 1-1 or in groups. She teaches regular classes and workshops that include creative choreographies, A-Z Belly Dance, AstroBelly and Belly Treasure. Come along for fitness, self-development and inner harmony. She teaches and performs with veils, Isis Wings, Saidi sticks, drum solo style and fire but above all she works with the music!
Classes are designed for you to learn progressively, developing technique and abilities to improvise.

Regular classes and workshops via Baubo are now in the Swansea/Mumbles area. Guinevere also co-facilitates the Arts Care ‘Friday project’ for women which includes: dance, visual art, poetry, music and performance with an on-site crcehe for children so Mum’s can enjoy free creative space and support.

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