Treasure Pack

The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack is a fun and exquisite, illustrated 58 oracle type card set and guidance book for Belly Dancers. Improve your dance expression, creativity and confidence with these versatile and holistic cards for group or solo use.
*COMING SOON* – Treasure Pack – Belly Dance Sequences! Yes a treasure trove of 58 dance sequences for each card! (We can link onto this with our movie sample)
Guinevere collaborated with fantastic international artists to produce The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack in 2011, drawing on her belly dance experience as a teacher and performer and combining her writing skills and passion for the healing arts. The Treasure Pack was launched in 2011 with the support of Miles Copeland of The Bellydance Superstars on their show tour at St Davids Hall Theatre in Cardiff. This exciting, original card set is now enjoyed and used by dancers and groups all over the world!
The Treasure Pack is accompanied by short verses and affirmations to empower your dance. Visit The Belly Dancers Treasure Pack Group on Facebook for updates and card / sequence samples.
Guinevere thanks all the artists; Oshi Owen, Pauline Marshall, Jana Lamprect, Marta Marencic, Wendy Andrew, Kelly Hawes, Charlotte BoswellMyall, Marcia Snedecor, Gwen Davies and Dorrie Joy for their art work which makes the pack so special.
And thanks from Guinevere to everyone in her classes and to Keti Sharif who helped and continues to inspire the development of The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack as a unique 58 dance sequence resource!
See this Treasure Pack article at Zara’s Zouk with tips, exercises and games on how to use the cards. Plus reviews in Mosaic magazine.

‘The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack is a celebration of dance, spirit and womanhood. By commemorating the sacred dance arts, Guinevere embraces the timeless, metaphysical qualities of this ancient dance as a powerful medium for self-awareness in the modern world’

Keti Sharif

A-Z Belly Dance Founder & Director, Co-Director Balanced Belly Dance.

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