The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack – 58 Guidance Cards and Book




A treasure trove of wonderful cards to inspire, support and celebrate Belly Dance practice and performance. Launched in 2011 with support from The Bellydance Superstars, this gorgeous dance resource will offer fun and flexible ways into your dance. Each card has an affirmation, beautiful illustration and chapter to help you access the card theme on multiple levels.

The cards were originally written by belly dance teacher and performer Guinevere Clark to help students develop their dance and to move from a top-down approach to teaching belly dance. It is based on the basic idea that we all contain a well-spring of creativity and that stimulating, supporting and sharing that well spring brings confidence and unique dance expressions. The Treasure Pack also encourages you to work on the basics of belly dance including posture, simple dance moves and exercises as foundation work. Cards include SHIMMY, WILD, FIRE, STAGE, SPINNING, FEET, HANDS, PYRAMID, SELF-ACCEPTANCE, VEIL and SAIIDI among many more to focus and open up your dance. The highly visual nature of each card is a unique way to access belly dance and helps students recall and develop their own work.

Enjoyed by dancers all over the world The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack is a universal tool which can be used as;

  • a personal empowerment tool
  • an oracle type deck
  • an ice breaker for classes, workshops and practice
  • an in-depth, life long resource for teaching belly dance
  • a way of themeing classes, workshops and performance
  • a structure for whole courses
  • a creative aid, stimulus and resource for visual and written work
  • a path into new dance moves, sequences and choreograpy
  • a cross-over resource to connect with other dancer’s/dance groups
  • a card game

The cards are themed into elements;

  • AIR
  • FIRE

The elemental themes help structure your work and highlight a range of styles, props and approaches that can be used in dance. For example the WATER cards encourage flow and emotion in your practice and the FIRE cards look at transformation and performance. AIR cards cover spirituality in dance and EARTH look at structure, staging and grounding.

Having shared the cards in workshops internationally since 2011, Guinevere is now creating easy to learn dance sequences for each card. This feels like a natural evolution for this beautiful resource that is brimming with bespoke artwork, tips and tricks and potential on some many levels.

The sequences will be available initially as downloads as they evolve. Guinevere is also open to partnerships with established dancers to input sequences in this exciting project – The Belly Dancer’s Treasure Trove.



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