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Hi, my name is Guinevere, welcome to the Baubo website! I'm a Belly Dance performer, choreographer, teacher and writer and have been training in the field for over 18 years. I am qualified in Delivering Learning and an instructor and assessor in the A-Z Original and Advanced Belly Dance system. I hold a First Class BA Honours Degree in Creative Arts (Drama, Physical Theatre, Live Arts, Creative Writing).

The joy and benefits this dance brings to myself and others has kept me engaged and inspired in this magical, enriching art. I wrote The Belly Dancer"s Treasure Pack (2011) which is now being used by dancers all over the world! The pack is a set of 58 beautifully illustrated cards to empower your belly dance journey!

I currently run Belly Treasure workshops to accompany The Belly Dancer"s Treasure Pack - workshops are ideal for any group size and cover; fun, interactive belly dance exercises, styles and prop work to enhance solo and troupe work and develop confident practice and performance.

Order your Belly Dancer"s Treasure Pack here. An ideal gift for you or your dancing friends! Includes a free Egyptian music download from The Bellydance Superstars!

My performance, classes and workshops are mainly based in West Wales. I also hold workshops throughout the UK and abroad. As a certified A-Z Belly Dance teacher, I offer Personal Technique and Teacher Training opportunities. I also teach Keti Sharif's AstroBelly - fun sequences based on the 12 Zodiac signs! My dance style has been described as "classical fusion". Here's a clip of me dancing the Drum Solo style

See the calendar or scroll down for information, upcoming courses, workshops, classes, shows and events. If you are interested and would like some more information, please email me or telephone 0792 533 2892



Spring & Summer 2017 COMING SOON from BAUBO BELLY DANCE!


2017 - Belly Dance Classes - Thursday's - 5.15 - 6.15pm (arrive from 5.10pm)  Ostreme Centre, Newton Rd, Mumbles. Swansea.. All welcome to fun, friendly classes, we work on technique, sequences and choreographies. Enjoy learning A-Z and AstroBelly Dance and discover more on The Belly Dancer's Treasure Pack. £6 class when block booking £7 drop in fee. Please email Guinevere for info/book a space.


Yoga and Belly Dance Workshops -  Ostreme Centre, Mumbles, Swansea with Jan Hilditch & Guinevere. Register you interest



Have fun, meet new friends and improve your fitness! Many women report feeling more toned with improved posture and less stress through their dance practice. Belly Dance may be just what you"re looking for!

My classes and workshops cater for total beginners as well as more advanced dancers. Baubo Belly Dance has inspired and empowered many women in West Wales to progress their enjoyment of belly dance and their training or taste and practice belly dance in fun, regular classes. Learn in relaxed, friendly community spaces at a level to suit you. Gift vouchers are available.


CURRENT WORKSHOP MENU - for shows, dance schools/groups, belly dance troupes, hen parties...

- A-Z Belly Dance - Personal Technique or Teacher Training Certification courses and classes for all levels.

- Faraway Place - An Advanced A-Z Belly Dance Fusion choreography to a relaxing Galactic Caravan track. Dramatic and flowing. Ideal for grand troupe acts. Classical and taqsim sequences.

- Warrior Dance - An Original A-Z Belly Dance Fusion choreography with Saiidi sticks to a powerful Pentaphobe track. Ideal for beginners to intermediate levels. Would suit Tribal Fusion groups looking for diversity and new prop work.

- Nour El Ain - An A-Z Belly Dance Fusion choreography with music by Amr Diab with an Egyptian-Latino feel and spicy veil work. Fun and energising.

- Pare Pare - A slow and enchanting veil dance using A-Z Original and the water AstroBelly sequences to a Tarkan track.

- Circle of Fire - A mesmerising circle dance with candles and trays to a track by Keti Sharif using a range of AstroBelly sequences.

- Belly Treasure - Rhythm Lady - Learn to play and dance some basic Arabic Rhythms. Includes using drum, improvisation and free dance.

- Belly Treasure - Dance your Jewels - Explore your art and find deeper expression, confidence and creativity with chance and improvisation using The Belly Dancer"s Treasure Pack cards.Good for devising new group work & personal empowerment.

- Belly Treasure - Elemental Belly Dance - Sessions to express and celebrate the elements; Earth, Air, Fire & Water. Includes AstroBelly and prop work and fun focused work with Treasure pack cards.

- Venus Dance - works with 5 people. Creatively explore the sacred 5 pointed Rose shape that Venus makes as it travels the cosmos. Sensual, cosmic and full of positivity. Good group dance for self-esteem and bonding. Using colour and sacred geometry.

- Saiidi Dance - using canes and traditional Saiidi moves we intergrate stage folkloric styles and creative choreography to make a fun, festive dance to Hossam Ramzy music. Using F-J Original Belly Dance.

- Drum Solo -Learn a fast paced drum solo dance with classic shimmies, accents and flowing moves to keep you on your toes and give a great all over body work out!

- A-Z Belly Dance - Theatrical Veil - using P-T sequences to the upbeat Egyptian Pop track - Ma Khalas by Samira Said. Fast and passionate!

- Tarkan - "Touch" - Using a fun modern track by Tarkan, we will explore sensuality and expression in our dance, fusing elements of original and advanced A-Z Belly Dance with dramatic veil and floor work work and a special finale! Work with the concept of touch as we connect to our own body, our spirit and our audeince. Gorgeous, popular dance!

Tarkan - "If only you knew" - Using a heart melting song by Tarkan this dance is a big romantic journey working with the power of love, yearning and dreaming. Includes soft arabesqs, ornate arms and hands, slinky hips, grand gestures, spins, turns and some optional floor work. A slow, delicate yet strong Baubo choreography.

Also available - general Belly Dance workshops for youth groups, older people, festivals and events. I also work as a free lance journalist producing articles on Belly Dance for magazines and websites Please be in touch to discuss commissions.

Belly Dancing, sometimes called Raqs Sharqi, Arabic, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, North African or Oriental Dancing is a wonderfully expressive art with many emerging, modern styles. It allows us to connect to and stimulate our creative centres. There are many types of Belly Dancing and we each find our own rhythms within it. People find it "a great release" and they "always feel better afterwards". Through Belly Dance we can enjoy developing a new skill whilst improving our physical fitness and health feeling the benefits in mind, body and soul.

Belly Dance is a name that pertains to the distinct belly rolls, undulations and refined abdominal and hip moves that are very pertinent in some styles of Middle Eastern dance. The term "Belly Dance" was coined in the 1890"s at the Chicago World Trade Fair by the French as -

"Dance du ventre" - meaning "dance of the belly!" And it's stuck...

I call my Belly Dance business Baubo as Baubo relates to, "The Ancient Belly Goddess" associated with laughter, dancing and "belly-talk". Find out more on Baubo in -

Women who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (1996)

The Metamorphosis of Baubo, by Winifred Lubell

Goddess Baubo sums up the unbridled joy that many women tap into during their journies into Belly Dance! See what"s on offer for you...

If you are interested and would like some more information, please email me or telephone 0792 533 2892

A heartfelt WOW at your Majma performances Guinevere! You were lovely to watch, incredible- so much emotion in your choreography.

Hannah Newton. Belly Dance Performer